Entrepreneur Kimberly Rene’ is a chameleon of sorts in that she has the ability to adapt to whatever role is suitable in meeting the needs of those around her. God has gifted her with various talents which allows her to wear many hats so don’t even think of boxing this lady in as she is well aware that the world is her oyster.

Kimberly is a Motivational/Self-Empowerment Coach, Public Speaker, Entertainer and Radio Personality. She began singing at the age of 8 years old after being inspired by Stephanie Mills in the Broadway production of "The Wiz".   Over the years, she has honed her aptitude for singing and served in her church choir A-Zamar at Agape Family Worship Center in New Jersey which afforded her the opportunity to sing background for gospel greats  such as Tramaine Hawkins, BeBe Winans and Judith  Christie McAllister. 

 In 2004 Kimberly Rene' made her acting debut in the gospel stage play "In the Final Hour" at Newark Symphony Hall featuring Taral Hicks (A Bronx Tale, The Preacher's Wife & Belly).  She has gone on to perform in other stage plays such as "Don't Count Me Out" featuring Hip-Hop artist Nucci "The King's Kid" Reyo, "Church Wives" (Newark Symphony Hall) and the off-Broadway productions of "Peace Be With Me"  (Roy Arias Stages)  and 'Troubled Little Angel: the life & times of Phyllis Hyman" (Soho Playhouse). She was a 2006 finalist for overall vocal performance at AMTC (Actors Models & Talent for Christ) talent competition.  She achieved her life-coach certification from the Life Coach Institute of Orange County in 2014 and founded her life-coaching service Truthfully Speaking, LLC in 2016 and in 2020 she became the host of  her blog-talk radio show “Kiss of Life” on the Luv Radio Network.  

Whether on stage, in a workshop or on the air; Kimberly Rene' is grateful for her platform and infuses her compassion for people with her zest for life to inspire others to tap into the greatness within them. She maintains that she did not find her passion...her passion FOUND her!



There’s greatness in all of us and Kimberly Rene is a firm believer that everyone should live in their own truth. As a certified motivational coach and speaker she uses her platform to propel others towards wholeness, great relationships and accomplishing their goals.  Her core values are love, respect integrity and balance. As someone who has built her brand over the course of 15 years, she is a forward thinker and believes in the concept of PUSH (Persist Until Something Happens) Kimberly Rene’ infuses her compassion for people with her zest for life to inspire them towards being the best version of themselves. 

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