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"The Foundation"

Trust, insecurities, childhood, family dysfunctions. Hurt. IT ALL MATTERS!!! 


Foreplay is considered any sexual activity before intercourse. 

 "Carnal Knowledge"

Does your spouse feel more like your roommate? If so, it didn’t happen overnight. Maybe it’s boredom? Lack of “sex drive?” Poor motivation? The list of “reasons” or “justifications” can be quite long. The best marriage advice in the world will not snap you out of your relationship “funk” without some dedication and motivation! Looking for Relationship Advice? Just click and receive a FREE 60 min consultation

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 As a relationship coach for over 15 years, I have earned my place among the best in this field by delivering an affluent message that helps guide singles and couples in their everyday family, personal and marital relationships. It is a message that I have learned from my own lifestyle and I am helping others apply to their lives.   II Timothy 2:2


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